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HOME > News> Five color ring and four color ring resistor

Five color ring and four color ring resistor

2016-12-12 13:41

Five color ring and four color ring resistor

The color ring resistor is the most common type of resistor used in a variety of electronic devices. Now the color ring resistor has five color ring also has four color ring resistor. The five color ring and the difference between the four color ring where?

Five-color ring resistor called precision resistors. It is with the four color ring resistor is the difference: the first three rings of five color ring that the effective number, the fourth ring for the first three rings in the back of the number of 0. Another five-color ring resistor that the error of the fifth ring color than the four-ring resistor error ring color to several, namely Brown disabilities 1%, Red disabilities 2%, Smectite 0.5%, Blue disabilities 0.25%, Purple 0.1%, Kings 5%, 10% of the silver. For example, an open-loop resistor colors are red, purple, brown, red, brown, then the resistance of the resistor 27100Ω = 27.1kΩ, the error is ± 1%.

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