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HOME > News> Capacitor graphic symbols, text symbols and labels

Capacitor graphic symbols, text symbols and labels

2017-01-13 21:28

In the circuit diagram, a capacitor (fixed capacitor) is represented by the graphical symbol shown in Figure 1-26. The capacitor character is the letter "c". If there are multiple capacitors in the circuit diagram, use the letter "c" plus the number to be distinguished, for example: c1, c2, c3 ......

         In the more complex circuit diagram, often in accordance with the circuit of the various functional systems to divide and mark components. This annotation is preceded by the alphanumeric characters in the capacitor. For example, in some TV circuit diagram, the high-frequency input part of the capacitor is labeled as Figure 1.26 capacitor 1c1, lc2, lc3 ... ... the rectifier part of the resistor marked as graphic symbols and symbols 2C1, 2C2, 2C3 ... ... will be displayed Part of the resistor is labeled 8C1, 8Cz, 8C3 ......

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