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HOME > News> The Application of Wireless Sensor Network in Military Field

The Application of Wireless Sensor Network in Military Field

2017-03-16 18:38

Information technology development technology to promote the military changes, the use of wireless sensor networks to achieve the monitoring of enemy forces within the region and equipment, real-time monitoring of battlefield conditions, positioning targets, monitoring of nuclear attacks or biochemical attacks. Wireless sensor network with its unique advantages, in a variety of occasions to meet the military information access to real-time, accuracy, comprehensiveness and other needs.

The NSOF (Networked Sensors for the Objective Force) system used by the US military for military investigation is part of the future combat system currently being studied by the US military, capable of collecting intelligence information in the investigation area and transmitting this information to the tactical Internet The

In the field of military applications, the information war requires the combat system to "see clearly, respond quickly, play", who in the information acquisition, transmission, processing to take advantage (access to information right), who will be able to master the initiative of war right.

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