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Product features of the Agilent InfiniiVision X-Series

2016-11-26 19:25

Product features of the Agilent InfiniiVision X-Series

Agilent InfiniiVision 2000 and 3000 X Series oscilloscopes to join, to achieve the original Agilent MegaZoom technology breakthrough. The Agilent InfiniiVision X-Series integrates functional signal generators and logic channels into economical and low-mid-range oscilloscopes.

The core of InfiniiVision X-Series oscilloscopes is Agilent's custom 90nm CMOS-specific chip, Agilent's fourth-generation MegaZoom technology, a single-chip highly integrated architecture that includes 6 million gates, a logic analyzer, Generators, and protocol analyzer circuits to achieve the industry's fastest waveform capture rate and fast corresponding deep memory technology, engineers and educators can be very good performance at an affordable price of the oscilloscope.

The new Agilent InfiniiVision 2000 X-Series has the bandwidth of 70 MHz to 200 MHz and the fastest waveform capture rate in its class, making it easier to capture occasional events and observe subtle details in the signal. For the first time, but also in the form of options, the 8-channel logic analyzer, and function signal generator integrated into an oscilloscope.

The new Agilent InfiniiVision 3000 X-Series oscilloscopes offer bandwidths of 100 MHz to 500 MHz and waveform capture rates of up to 1 million waveforms per second over analog oscilloscopes, combined with variable afterglows to uncover new features for digital oscilloscopes Chapter. For the first time, but also in the form of options, the 16 logic analyzer channels, function signal generator and serial protocol decoding (in hardware) integrated into the same oscilloscope. For engineers and educators to provide a strong measurement capabilities, but also echo the needs of the equipment procurement budget constraints.

Agilent InfiniiVision X Series oscilloscopes have three distinct characteristics:

First, in the observation of the signal, the technical highlights: InfiniiVision X series offers the fastest waveform capture rate - 1 million waveforms per second - and the fourth generation of MegaZoom fast response deep storage technology, regardless of storage depth is deep or shallow , Both minimize dead time and maintain excellent response speed. In addition, InfiniiVision X series is equipped with 8.5-inch WVGA display, display area is twice the same type of oscilloscope. Light weight (only 3.85 kg), small size (width 38 cm, depth of about 14 cm), save space on the test bench.

Second, through the upgrade options for more investment protection: InfiniiVision X series is the only similar products can be fully upgraded (including bandwidth scalable) oscilloscope, engineers and technical staff can purchase according to current needs, the future can also be based on project development Of the demand for upgrading. A variety of measurement software packages can be added at the time of purchase or when necessary in the future:

(1) hardware implementation of the template test. A known correct or standard wave can be used

(2) segmented storage functions for laser pulses, radar bursts and serial packet analysis;

In addition to excellent oscilloscope performance, the InfiniiVision X-Series oscilloscopes also integrate logic analyzer channels (optional), function signal generators, serial protocol analyzers, and analog-to-digital converters (3000 X series only), allowing the user to simultaneously observe both digital and analog signals in time; an excitation signal to the measured object, an integrated function signal generator (option); real-time decoding of the serial signal (3000X Serial signal decoding is implemented in hardware).

Agilent InfiniiVision X Series product features:

Fully scalable (including bandwidth scalable) oscilloscopes

To achieve the original MegaZoom technology breakthrough

The fastest waveform capture rate in its class

Integrated logic analyzer channel (option)

Agilent InfiniiVision X series of applications:

Test measurement

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