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The Model of the Domestic Resistor

2016-11-28 20:02

1.1.7 Nomenclature of Domestic Resistors

    Domestic resistor model consists of the following five components: RJ73 said precision metal film resistors; WXW2 said wire-wound trimmer; WT1 said

Ordinary carbon film potentiometer.

    Due to the continuous development of varieties of resistors, coupled with the introduction in recent years from abroad, some resistance

And potentiometer production line, so some resistors, potentiometers are not in accordance with the above named, in the

Please refer to the manufacturer's product manual for use.



  The first part: the main said (with letters). The master name indicates the name of the product. "R" for the resistor and "W" for the potentiometer.

  Part 2: Materials (in letters). Indicates what kind of material the resistor is composed of.

  Part III: Product Classification (in figures). Indicates what type a product belongs to.

  Part 4: Serial number (in numbers). Said similar products in different varieties to distinguish between product performance and size and so on.

  Part 5: Distinctive Code (in letters). This section is optional. If the performance and size significantly affect the exchange, the use of capital letters as the difference between the code.

  The meanings of the symbols of the components of the domestic resistive resistor model are shown in Table 1.1.

  For example, according to the naming method and Table 1.1 shows: RT11 shows: RT11 said that the ordinary carbon film resistors;

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