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HOME > News> Holtek screen display driver IC HT16514

Holtek screen display driver IC HT16514

2016-11-30 15:14

Holtek screen display driver IC HT16514

Holtek Semiconductor's HT16514 is designed for applications such as POS machines and multimedia computers. Holtek HT16514 can be used for a wide range of logic operating voltage 2.7V ~ 5.5V, providing 60V high voltage output, and can be defined by the user Display mode: 16 words x2 line, 20 words x2 line, 24 words x2 line, can also drive The IC is expanded to 40 words x 2 lines.

The HT16514 offers two standard fonts for customer-driven VFD applications with display information. The HT16514-001 is built-in Owen and the HT16514-002 is a built-in Japanese font. Both are available in a 144-pin LQFP (20 × 20mm) package. HT16514 for POS machines, multimedia computers, measuring instruments and other information required to display applications.

The Holtek HT16514, a built-in character-driven LCD monitor driver IC, can display up to 80 sectors x24 digits and provides 248 characters and eight customizable characters. With 80x8-bit display memory, support Motorola 68 series 4-bit or 8-bit parallel data transmission, Intel 80 series parallel data transmission and serial data transmission.

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